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Spanish 4 Accelerated - 5 HS Acc
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TEMAS: AP Spanish Language & Culture
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Use these links for additional practice of the material we are currently doing in class or to review and practice before semester exams.

My QUIA page for Avancemos, 3

Publisher's site: Class Zone for Avancemos,3

WORDREFERENCE.COM --English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary



371 Tutorials

Rockalingua Spanish videos

SpanishPod101 videos on YouTube - more than 400 videos to help you learn Spanish!

Read children's books in Spanish - practice the imperfect / preterite!!!

Penn State Berks - Tutorials and Interactive activities

Rebecca Anderson - Santa Monica College

Want or need to practice stress and accent?

SPANGRAM - Presentations and exercises

Isla: study resources


Activities with ¿Qué? vs. ¿Cuál?

Activities for ser / estar

Activities with interrogatives

BK Nelson Activities - Interrogatives

Ejercicios de español para extranjeros

Spanish Flashcards site

Build a word cloud

Video on uses of POR / PARA

Test prep: more notes on por/para

Powerpoints to review vocabulary, grammar and culture

123TeachMe Spanish

Realidades (review activities)


Topical Vocabulary Quizzes

Cultural topics
Unidad 1 - México

Map Games - North America

Interactive map of México

México, D.F. - images and information

Gerardo Murillo (Dr. Atl)

Gerardo Murillo (Dr. Atl)

Octavio Paz (Nobel Prize in literature, 1990)

Song by Paulina Rubio (works only in IE browser)

Information - Gael García Bernal

Los Parques Ecológicos near Monterrey - Chipinque, Cola de Caballo

Chichén Itzá

Chiché Itzá (7 wonders)

The Yucatán

The Aztec Calendar - La Piedra del Sol

More images of Gerardo Murillo's work

Work of Gerardo Murillo

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Dr. Atl

Unidad 2

Hispanic Population of the U.S. Pop Quiz

Hispanic population of the U.S.

Map of Hispanic population in the US - The Pew Hispanic Center

El Museo del Barrio, New York

Images by artist Pablo O'Higgins

Roberto Fernández, Cuban author

The Story of César Chávez and the United Farm Workers

Hands on Miami Day

Hispanic Newspapers

Hispanic Newspapers in the U.S.

Sandra Cisneros, Mexican-american author

Las mañanitas (Spanish birthday song)-animated with lyrics

Unidad 3

Map Game - Central America

Interactive map of Central America

Costa Rica - CIA World Factbook

Honduras - CIA World Factbook

El Salvador - CIA World Factbook

Nicaragua - CIA World Factbook

Lago de Nicaragua

Guatemala - CIA World Factbook

Panamá - CIA World Factbook

Endangered species of Central America

Francisco Amiguetti, Costa Rican artist

El Quetzal - Mayan & Aztec legends

The Panama Canal

Video: Time Lapse Ride through the Panama Canal

Images of the Panama Canal

José Antonio Velásquez - Honduran paiinter

Mayan civilization 2600 a.C. - 1511 d.C. Images

The Mayan Civilization

Unidad 4

El Caribe


República Dominicana

Puerto Rico

Arroz moro

Frijoles Negros

Masas de puerco

Plátanos maduros fritos

Famous Puerto Ricans

Athletes of the Dominican Republic

Julia Álvarez (escritora dominicana)

Esmeralda Santiago (escritora puertorriqueña)

Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican singer)

Gloria Estefan (Cuban singer)

Cristina Saralegui (periodista)

Félix Sánchez (atleta)

Video: Roberto Clemente (beisbolista)

Pedro Martínez (beisbolista dominicano)

Latino Baseball Players

El Fuerte San Felipe del Morro (El Morro) - Puerto Rico

Amelia Peláez (Cuban artist)

Video: Carnaval de Ponce 2010

Video: Ricky Martin (Puerto Rican singer)

Celia Cruz (Cuban singer)


Want or need to practice stress and accent?

Grammar Basics - Dr. Lemon's Page

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Writing Practice - create your own e-postcard - all occasions

Games to practice / test yourself on many vocabulary and grammar topics.

OYE Intermediate Activities

Ejercicios de español

Great site for practicing / reviewing grammar (with feedback)--SPANGRAM

Grammar Activities (topical list) - self-correcting (Bowdoin College)

Schoolnotes page

En Marcha web page of activities



Conjuguemos -- practice verbs in any tense!

Spanish exercises - FJ Villatoro

Click here for Powerpoints to review topics of grammar, vocabulary, and culture capsules

BK Nelson exercises - self correcting activities by grammatical topic -excellent site!

Make your own animated digital film!

Links to help you learn Spanish--Enlaces útiles para ti

More links to help you -- many cultural topics

Language Learning Center

Mind your P's & Q's - problematic concepts in Spanish

Spanish as a Second Language: Grammar

Review of the basics

Spanish Pronto - review

The 100 Most Used Verbs in Spanish

Casa de Joanna -- great activities!

Wikipedia - an encyclopedia in Spanish!

What is on the Midterm Exam?
Spanish 3 Std / 4 HS Std Midterm Exam 2011:
Avancemos, 3 (2007 edition)
Review of verbs from Avancemos, 2
Vocabulary from Lección Preliminar, U1L1, U1L2, U2L1:
camping, nature, family relationships, at the beach, volunteer activities and projects
Readings and cultural topics
Grammar in lessons:
Regular, irregular, stem changing, orthographical verbs in:
Present tense
Imperfect tense
Preterite tense
Imperfect v. Preterite tense
Tú affirmative and negative commands - positioning pronouns with the commands
Verbs like gustar
saber v. conocer
ser v. estar
Reflexive verbs
Making comparisons - equality / inequality