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Spanish 4 Accelerated - 5 HS Acc
Avancemos, 4 (2007 edition)
Avancemos, 4 (2010 edition)
TEMAS: AP Spanish Language & Culture
In Depth...Here is a place to pursue topics in more depth than can be done in the classroom...
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Tools for AP Spanish Teachers
AP Spanish Language Institute- St. Johnsbury Links for AP Teachers
2018 AP Spanish Language and Culture Institute - St. Johnsbury Academy
AP Spanish Literature 2012 Links from St. Johnsbury Workshop
AP Literature -Authors, Works, Links and Resources
Tools for Spanish Teachers
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EXPLORACIONES, 2nd edition


SPANGRAM - Presentations and exercises

Build and print an ACROSTIC POEM!

Build a word cloud

123 TeachMe games

Ejercicios de español para extranjeros

BBC Languages - Video segments - Mi Vida Loca

OYE Activities for beginning, intermediate and advanced classes

Ejercicios de español

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Make Beliefs Comix - create your own dialogs in comic strip format

Practice for SAT II and AATSP exams!

Practice Exams - AATSP - all levels!

Listening Comprehension-topical

Spanish Proficiency Exercises- choose your level, then choose the topic you want to practice

Level:        Beginning = Spanish 1
                    Intermediate A = Spanish 2
                    Intermediate B = Spanish 3
                    Advanced A =  Spanish 4
                    Advanced B = Spanish 5
                    Superior =  Spanish 5 and 5 AP

Practice the reading skill here...choose the type of reading - stories, poetry, etc....then choose your level.

Reading practice

Speaking Spanish: at the doctor, at a hotel, at a restaurant, shopping

Writing Practice - create your own e-postcard - all occasions

Another site for e-cards

Writing Skill: Transitional Phrases

Audio Files

Audio Files - various cultural topics!

Veinte Mundos - cultural readings with audio (for intermediate to advanced students)

Reading for Fun

Storybird en español

Readings - Beginning Level

Readings - Intermediate Level

Readings - Advanced Level


Practice Tests

Practice Tests - various vocabulary and grammar topics


Resources for various vocabulary/grammar topics

Topical resources


Create your own on-line/printable flashcards

Flashcard Exchange

How to type accented characters

Typing accented characters - various ways to achieve this!

List of computer terms in Spanish


Cultural Notes (some with audio)

Culture Quiz-food

Read about the "20 mundos" - cultural information about countries in the Spanish-speaking world

The Barking Mouse - a folktale from Cuba

Barbie in Spanish!

Trabalenguas - Tongue Twisters in Spanish

BBC Languages - Spanish site

Puntos de Partida

Other textbooks: Ven Conmigo, Nuevas Vistas

Spanish exercises - FJ Villatoro