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TEMAS: AP Spanish Language & Culture
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EXPLORACIONES, 2nd edition

Use these links for additional practice of the material we are currently doing in class or to review and practice before semester exams.


Publisher's site: Class Zone for Avancemos,1

WORDREFERENCE.COM --English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary

371 Tutorials

Rockalingua Spanish videos

SpanishPod101 videos on YouTube - more than 400 videos to help you learn Spanish!

Adjective practice


SPANGRAM - Presentations and exercises

Spanish Flashcards site

Build a word cloud

Want or need to practice stress and accent?

Grammar Basics - Dr. Lemon's Page

Powerpoints to review vocabulary, grammar and culture

123TeachMe Spanish

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Index of activities on web for vocabulary and grammar--MAS ARRIBA

BBC - multiple videos and many other activities on many topics

OYE activities for beginners

Vocabulary practice - varied topics --AATSP

Topical Vocabulary Quizzes

Writing Practice - create your own e-postcard - all occasions

Cultural topics
Picture Dictionary

The Alphabet in Spanish

Numbers 1-25 review

Numbers 1-30 Rap Song

Lección Preliminar

The Alphabet

El Alfabeto



State how to greet people at certain times of the day

Map Games

Choose the location of the country

Countries and continents


Video: Numbers 0-20

Video: Numbers 1-100

Click on a number to hear it (1-99)

Days of the week


Video: Discovery Kids Doki: The Seasons

Classroom objects practice

Classroom objects - practice #2

Classroom vocab practice #3 (includes practice with numbers)


Places of interest in town

Learn about stem changing verbs

Practice-stem changing verbs-meaning


Review the Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers

Play "Furnish the House"


Video on gustar + infinitives

Using the verb gustar + infinitives

Powerpoint on gustar (also has notes on verb ser)

About subject pronouns (for normal verbs, NOT gustar)

About the verb ser


Review of Tú Commands

Sights & sounds of Ecuador

Otavalo Textiles

Learn about "molas"


Learn about saber and conocer

Sights & sounds of the Dominican Republic

Practice with Cardinal Numbers

BK Nelson Numbers Practice (some with audio)

More numbers practice (some with audio)


Adjective agreement

Activity with adjectives

Activity for verb tener in present tense

Activity 1 - indefinite articles

Activity 2 - indefinite articles

Activity 3 - indefinite articles

Activity 1 - definite articles

Activity 2 - definite articles

Activity 3 - definite articles

Activity 4 - definite articles



Present tense of -AR verbs

The verb tener

Video: Numbers 0-20

Video: Numbers 1-100

Numbers 1-100

Telling time


Classroom vocabulary

Prepositions of place

Video: Estar + emotions

Expressing feelings, emotions

The verbs ser and estar

The verb ir

Midterm Exam review - verbs

Midterm Exam review - culture


Don't Gross Out the World! Culture Quiz - dining around the world

Ordering breakfast

Interrogative word practice

Asking & answering questions


Practice with vocabulary of the family

Test yourself on family members...

Practice the numbers

Practice the months of the year

Expressing dates

State the dates of the holidays

Learn about possessve adjectives

Learn about comparatives


España - tourist information

The Alhambra

Rick Steeves: video on the Alhambra

A Short Tour of the Alhambra

Madrid Virtual

Video about Madrid

Practice the colors 1

Practice the colors 2

Test yourself on the colors...

Test yourself on the colors (#2)...

Click and drag -colors

Colors - memory game

Colors - Flags of the World

Colors - food

Colors - finish the sentence!

Things of color

Color match up

Colors - multiple choice

Clothing and colors

Articles of clothing-matching the words

OYE activities-clothing

Quia - clothing match up

Clothing -illustrations / matching

Clothing - illustrations / matching 2

Clothing - illustrations / descriptions

Clothing words - click & drag

Test yourself on clothing...

Test yourself on clothing (#2)...

Test yourself on clothing (#3)...

More matching - clothing & colors

Listening / speaking - state what colors the objects are

Matching quiz - clothing

Practice the shopping expressions

Adjectives / clothing description

Clothing & the weather

Talk about what the people are wearing

Clothing quiz

Learn about & practice stem changing verbs

Conjuguemos practice - stem changing verbs!

Video on Direct Object Pronouns

Learn about & practice direct object pronouns


Make Beliefs Comix - create your own dialogs in comic strip format

Great site for practicing / reviewing grammar (with feedback)--SPANGRAM

ABC's en español



Study Spanish - tutorials and free exercises for practicing vocabulary and grammar

Click here for Powerpoints to review topics of grammar, vocabulary, and culture capsules

More links to help you -- lots of cultural links

Basic Spanish words with pronunciation

Mind your P's & Q's - problematic concepts in Spanish

Spanish numbers and other lessons

Foreign Language Links

Casa de Joanna -- great activities!



Vocabulario - Use the QUIA link below to get to vocabulary lists, flashcards and games for the appropriate chapter in your text.

My QUIA page

Watch videos with script about various topics!

Pasatiempos - play some games to practice varied vocabulary and play with the language!

Spanish Phrase Finder (by topic)

Los Verbos - the links below will help you with verb tenses, forms, and uses.

Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer

Grammar by Topic - explanation and activities

More grammar topic explanations

Spanish Grammar in Review

Grammar activities by topic

Learn Spanish online - Curso de español

Commands (Los Mandatos) - Ud. / Uds. ; tú, vosotros

Imperfect Tense - explanation / activities

Game for use of Imperfect and Preterite

Miscellaneous Links for Other Topics

Click here for Powerpoints to review topics of grammar, vocabulary, and culture capsules

More Powerpoint presentations on many of the topics we have studied

More Powerpoints for vocabulary and grammar

Más Arriba - activities

Grammar Basics

Use of personal "a"


Second Year Spanish topics

Todo Claro -Exercises for class - by topic

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Children's Stories in Spanish

Dr. Lemon's Vocabulary and Grammar Links

Portal Infantil

Paso a Paso


Spanish exercises - FJ Villatoro