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Why study languages?

What research shows about the benefits of learning other languages.

WORDREFERENCE.COM --English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary

Lenguaje y otras luces

123TeachMe Spanish

Index of activities on web for vocabulary and grammar--MAS ARRIBA

BBC - multiple videos and many other activities on many topics

Transparencies online

UnitedStreaming - videos on many topics

Audiria -audiotextos en español

371 Tutorials


Rockalingua Spanish videos

News in Slow Spanish

Lots of online activities - categories

Isla: study resources

Rebecca Anderson - Santa Monica College

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Vocabulary practice - varied topics --AATSP

Topical Vocabulary Quizzes

Aprender español site


VOZme- record .mp3 files with a masculine / feminine voice to hear what it sounds like.

Additional Activities - University of Victoria, Canada

Printable Spanish

SpanishPod101 videos on YouTube - more than 400 videos to help you learn Spanish!

WORDREFERENCE.COM --English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary

UN article about Día Internacional de Paz

Tools for classroom use:

Read about Eclipse crossword and what you can do!

Download page for Eclipse Crossword

Idiomatic expressions - click on "dibujos animados" to view a cartoon representation of the expression

Verbix - an online conjugator for any verb - tool for learning vocabulary

Dix - a conjugation site - plug in verb and see it in all tenses!

Spanish practice for beginners on Veinte Mundos site

TeachMe123 Sentence Maker - plug in a Spanish word and a variety of contexts will appear.

Download Free ESL Flashcards - small, medium, large

Free Printables for Teachers

Tools for Educators -worksheets, games, etc...check this out!

Handout maker - with pictures

Language Resource Room

Why learn a foreign language? video

Spanish Alphabet video - military style!

Many more videos in Spanish

Conjugations Back - video

¿Cómo es tu familia? video

Juan Bobo y el Caldero story - video

Donde están los monstruos (Where the wild things are) video

Build a word cloud

Omniglot - useful Spanish phrases

Test your Spanish

BBC Languages - Spanish

El Kiosco

English-Spanish Goethe Tests

Spanish-English Goethe Tests

Childtopia-comprensión oral y escrita

Lexipedia-enter a word and get a web of related words

KIDEOS-videos in Spanish

Proverbs in Spanish

Look up idioms by key word

Word Stash

Eclipse Crossword


Powerpoints to review vocabulary, grammar and culture

123TeachMe Spanish

Links to other textbooks / activities (Realidades)

Want or need to practice stress and accent?

OYE Activities- for beginning, intermediate and advanced classes

Spanish exercises - FJ Villatoro

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Ejercicios de español

Build an acrostic poem

QUIA activities for Triangulo

Best Spanish Web Sites

Link to many Spanish 1 Activities

Link to many Spanish 2 Activities

Link to many Spanish 3 Activities


More clipart - go to topic galleries

Phillip Martin Clipart

Writing Practice - create your own e-postcard - all occasions

CNN en espanol

BBC Languages - Spanish

Tom Duggan Powerpoint Page

Tom Duggan - Spanish II, AP, miscellaneous ppts


Study Spanish - tutorials and free exercises for practicing vocabulary and grammar

Click here for Powerpoints to review topics of grammar, vocabulary, and culture capsules

Second Year Spanish topics

Todo Claro -Exercises for class - by topic

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Children's Stories in Spanish

Dr. Lemon's Vocabulary and Grammar Links

Paso a Paso


Realidades Powerpoints

ES Audio Powerpoints

More links of interest to Spanish teachers

Food for the Ancestors - a primary source lesson plan

Powerpoints for Spanish I & II