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Spanish 4 Accelerated - 5 HS Acc
Avancemos, 4 (2007 edition)
Avancemos, 4 (2010 edition)
TEMAS: AP Spanish Language & Culture
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Use these links for additional practice of the material we are currently doing in class or to review and practice before semester exams.  (Look at the table at the bottom of this page for links with pictures for the cultural readings and for the project you are doing.


QUIA Activities for Avancemos,4 (2007)

Publisher's site: Class Zone for Avancemos, 4 (2007)

WORDREFERENCE.COM --English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary

SpanishPod101 videos on YouTube - more than 400 videos to help you learn Spanish!

Build a word cloud

Want or need to practice stress and accent?

SPANGRAM - Presentations and exercises

Ejercicios de español para extranjeros

Grammar Basics - Dr. Lemon's Page

Powerpoints to review vocabulary, grammar and culture

123TeachMe Spanish

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

Topical Vocabulary Quizzes

Writing Practice - create your own e-postcard - all occasions

Games to practice / test yourself on many vocabulary and grammar topics.

OYE Intermediate Activities

Ejercicios de español


Great site for practicing / reviewing grammar (with feedback)--SPANGRAM

Grammar Activities (topical list) - self-correcting (Bowdoin College)

Publisher's site for YVG,3

Schoolnotes page

En Marcha web page of activities



Conjuguemos -- practice verbs in any tense!


Spanish exercises - FJ Villatoro

Click here for Powerpoints to review topics of grammar, vocabulary, and culture capsules

BK Nelson exercises - self correcting activities by grammatical topic -excellent site!

Make your own animated digital film!

Links to help you learn Spanish--Enlaces útiles para ti

More links to help you -- many cultural topics

Language Learning Center

Mind your P's & Q's - problematic concepts in Spanish

Spanish as a Second Language: Grammar

Review of the basics

Spanish Pronto - review

The 100 Most Used Verbs in Spanish

Casa de Joanna -- great activities!

Wikipedia - an encyclopedia in Spanish!

Pablo Picasso

Web Quest on Frida Kahlo

PBS: Treasures of the World: Guernica - A Testimony of War

Diego Rivera

Joan Miró

David Alfaro Siqueiros

Salvador Dalí

José Clemente Orozco

Las molas de los indios cunas

Photo Gallery of Mola designs

Information / pictures of designs for molas

Foto de una carreta blanca

Ox Cart designs

Las máscaras de México

Information about santeros

What is a retablo?

Galería de santeros

Mariachi music

Mexico Connect - History of Mexico Timeline

What is on the Midterm Exam?



La Catrina Vocabulary (Episodios 1-10)

Avancemos, 4:  Unidad 1:  Lecciones 1,2

                        Unidad 2:  Lecciones 1,2

Reading comprehension (summary of La Catrina episodes/questions based on summary)

Listening comprehension (vocab in context)

 from (La Catrina vocab 1-10)

5 Indicative tenses: 


Imperfect / Preterite

Future / Conditional / Probability

Other grammar points:

  • ser v. estar
  • use of pronouns
  • infinitive phrases

Review of topics for Final Exam 2010:
Avancemos, 4 textbook:   U3L1, U3L2, U4L1, U4L2 vocabulary
Also study Infinitive phrases - U2L2 pp. 98-99 list from QUIA
Vocabulary in context from video series Episodes 1-5
Reading Comprehension
Grammar - The Subjunctive forms & uses
WEIRDO verb sentences, Adjective clauses, Adverbial clauses
Vocabulario - Use the QUIA link below to get to vocabulary lists, flashcards and games for the appropriate chapter in your text.


Los Verbos - the links below will help you with verb tenses, forms, and uses.

BK Nelson site - practice with all topics

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

All the verb tenses

Great site for practicing / reviewing grammar (with feedback)--SPANGRAM

Miscellaneous Links for Other Topics

Links to explanations / activities on various topics