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What research shows about the benefits of learning other languages.

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UN article about Día Internacional de Paz

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Class  2015-2016

Periods A

Spanish 3 Standard
Avancemos, 3

Avancemos, 3 Class zone site

Periods B & G

Spanish 3 Accelerated
Avancemos, 3

Avancemos, 3 Class zone site

Period E

Spanish 5 Accelerated

Read about the "20 mundos" - cultural information about countries in the Spanish-speaking world

Veinte Mundos (lectura, audio, video) sobre muchos países hispanos

Period F

Spanish 4 Standard

Publisher's Class Zone Site for Avancemos, 4 -2010 edition

¡Bienvenido/a a mi clase!
Espero que en estas páginas encuentres cosas interesantes y ayudas para tu práctica y aprendizaje del español. 

       También he tratado de incluir cosas para divertirte un poco.  Todo lo que hacemos en esta clase es para aprender mejor la lengua española…

The Five C's:

Standards for Foreign Language Learning

 Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities        


Los estudiantes se comunican en idiomas además del inglés.

Los estudiantes conocen y entienden otras culturas.

Los estudiantes hacen conexiones con otras disciplinas académicas y adquieren información.

Los estudiantes desarrollan su conocimiento de lo esencial de la lengua y la cultura.

Los estudiantes participan en comunidades regionales y mundiales.



"...the best peace work in the world is learning someone else’s language because in doing so, you begin to understand a whole different way of putting the world together and naming it.  Not only that, you’re able to communicate with those ‘foreign’ others and realize that though languages differ, the human heart speaks the same native tongue everywhere.  When you learn someone else’s language, you knit the human family closer together.”
         --Julia Alvarez, Author

Languages of the World

Las noticias...¡entérate!

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Class Timer

BBC - Topics for learning Spanish

Online tools--thesaurus, verb conjugator

Verb conjugator - see what a verb looks like in all tenses!

English-Spanish / Spanish - English Dictionary

Enchanted Learning English-Spanish Dictionary

The Internet Picture Dictionary- by category/topic

World Atlas

Check out the latest Spanish! 
Follow these links:

Noticias en español

Spanish newspapers online

Here is a link to a Hispanic magazine...

Read your horoscope in Spanish!

Los Red Sox!

Noticias sobre Los Patriots - / español

Artículo sobre los Medias Rojas en español

Target site to celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Lenguaje y otras luces

Lots of online activities - categories

371 Tutorials

BK Nelson site


Isla: study resources

123TeachMe Spanish


Rebecca Anderson - Santa Monica College

Grammar Lab Drills and Tutorials

SPANGRAM - Presentations and exercises

Index of activities on web for vocabulary and grammar--MAS ARRIBA

BBC - multiple videos and many other activities on many topics

Vocabulary practice - varied topics --AATSP

Topical Vocabulary Quizzes

Realidades 1

Realidades 2

Realidades 3

Aprender español site


VOZme- record .mp3 files with a masculine / feminine voice to hear what it sounds like.

Children's stories on video

Additional Activities - University of Victoria, Canada

Pasajes Lengua, 7th edition activities

Continuemos, 7th edition

Transparencies online

Printable Spanish

UnitedStreaming - videos on many topics

Audiria -audiotextos en español

SpanishPod101 videos on YouTube - more than 400 videos to help you learn Spanish!